With Flori Footprint Tool you calculate the answer to the question: 'How sustainable is my flower or plant really?'


Insight into the entire floriculture chain,
from grower to end user

Investments in sustainability are inevitable. How do you make the right choices that make the most impact? A product footprint gives you insight into the environmental impact throughout the product's life cycle. All parties in the chain affect this; suppliers, grower, trader and retail. The Flori Footprint Tool offers every party the opportunity to perform their own calculation according to the latest draft of the European FloriPEFCR. The result is the answer to the question at hand: 'How sustainable is this flower or plant really?’

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Each chain party their own
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The Flori Footprint Tool offers a dedicated portal for every part of the chain. Select the package of your choice and start calculating the environmental impact of your floriculture products or location.

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We promise you; the Flori Footprint Tool is the most user-friendly yet comprehensive solution for calculating the footprint of floriculture products. The Flori Footprint Tool was developed by the professionals of Greenhouse Sustainability, who have set themselves the goal to make footprint calculation as accessible as possible for the entire floriculture chain. Especially if this is the first time you are going to calculate a footprint, we can imagine that you are not keen to tackle this on your own. Greenhouse Sustainability's consultants are ready to help you on your way.

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