About the Flori Footprint Tool

Whether you do it for the future of the earth or because your customers want to know whether you operate sustainably, calculating the environmental impact of your company and products has become essential. You can easily calculate this yourself with the Flori Footprint Tool.


At your own pace & step by step

Consumer and retailer demand for sustainably grown floricultural products is growing. They would like to know what the environmental impact of a product is, throughout its life cycle. However, calculating a product footprint can be a complex process, especially if third-party data is not readily available. The Flori Footprint Tool allows you to calculate the footprint of your products at your own pace, step by step. While calculating, you will see the hotspots in all parts of your supply chain, from raw material extraction to production, distribution, use and waste disposal.

If you know where you stand, you can efficiently start improving your sustainability. In order to set priorities, you can create scenarios with substitute values so that you can focus your attention on factors that determine which investments yield the most. For example, you can substitute grey energy for green energy and see what this means for your footprint.

For the entire floriculture chain!? Yes!

The Flori Footprint Tool allows all parties in the floriculture chain to map the full life cycle of a product. Each business has its own specific processes. That is why the Flori Footprint Tool offers different environments:

  • Grower Portal
  • Trader Portal
  • Chain Portal

Data can be shared between the portals, so that everyone can map their Scope 3 emissions. You can choose and give your consent to which businesses you want to share your data with.

Our mission

With the Flori Footprint Tool, we want to offer businesses in the floriculture sector a low-threshold way to understand the environmental impact of their business and products. With the Flori Footprint Tool, there can be no reason for not starting to calculate an ecological footprint.

Our vision

We believe that a climate-friendly floriculture sector is the future, by taking the footprint as a starting point to achieve that goal.

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