FloriPEFCR the new footprint standard for floriculture products




To gain reliable insight into the environmental impact of floriculture products, the FloriPEFCR (Flori Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules) has been developed. Recently, the FloriPEFCR has officially become the European standard for environmental footprint calculations for cut flowers and potted plants. The standard addresses the increasing demand from consumers and trading partners in Europe for demonstrably sustainably grown plants and flowers. Now, footprints can be calculated in a uniform manner, resulting in reliable results that can be compared and create equality in the sector.

What exactly are we talking about?

The FloriPEFCR was developed by Wageningen University & Research and the Technical Secretariat involving Royal FloraHolland and other organizations. The PEFCR consists of calculation rules for each impact category to calculate a product's footprint. Think of it as a large cookbook. For each dish and each step, or in this case, each impact category, it describes what you need to include and what you need to do. If everyone cooks in the same way, the dishes will all turn out equally well. It's the same with the FloriPEFCR. With the FloriPEFCR as the European standard, consultancy firms can use the same methodology, making the environmental impact of floricultural products comparable.

Watertight information with FloriPEFCR

The whole idea of ​​using the FloriPEFCR as a standard is to generate reliable results and comparable outcomes. But what does that mean exactly? The goal is to prevent greenwashing and make the impact of plants comparable. The demand for environmental information on products is increasing not only in the ornamental flori- and horticulture, but also among consumers. They want to make greener purchases more often, so it is important for them to know the environmental impact of plants. The sustainable claims made today are not completely watertight, while that is what consumers want.

Impact categories and single score

The FloriPEFCR contains 16 impact categories. Each impact category represents a specific environmental theme, such as climate change (CO2 emissions), land use, and resource depletion. The results of the individual categories can then be translated into a final PEF score through normalization and weighting. This score offers the opportunity to benchmark on more than just CO2, avoiding Carbon Tunnel Vision. It can also be used in stores to easily demonstrate the sustainability of products, for example, on a label. Sustainability is a difficult and abstract concept for consumers. By indicating the level of sustainability of products, choosing a sustainable product over a non-sustainable one becomes easier.

The role of Greenhouse Sustainability in FloriPEFCR

During the development of the FloriPEFCR, Greenhouse Sustainability was asked by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) to carry out supporting studies. The idea is to test the FloriPEFCR framework in practice. We tested whether it is feasible and time-efficient, but also whether there are data gaps. Based on this, feedback was given to WUR.

Because Greenhouse Sustainability has been able to participate in these supporting studies, we have already gained experience in conducting a FloriPEFCR study and therefore have been prepared for this LCA standard for quite some time. Based on this first version of the calculation standard, we immediately developed the Flori Footprint Tool. That is why we were also able to provide extensive feedback in the second feedback round.

Are you ready to become more sustainable?

This development of environmental footprint methodology floriculture products helps all companies in the sector to concretize existing sustainability actions. Product footprint calculations provide companies with insight into the environmental impact of the entire life cycle, on which the entire supply chain has an influence. Therefore, the Flori Footprint Tool is not only aimed at growers. Propagators and traders can also use the tool.

The Flori Footprint Tool is fully focused on being as user-friendly as possible. But as with everything, the first footprint calculation for companies can be a challenge. Once started, it will become easier over time. Of course, you are not alone in this; the LCA specialists of Greenhouse Sustainability are ready to provide you with advice.

With a footprint based on the FloriPEFCR, your company is prepared for the wishes and requirements of (end) customers and governments. You are therefore able to make substantiated green claims and reduce the footprint of floriculture products. Think climate positive!

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