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Every company must embrace sustainability. Not only from an existing intrinsic motivation, but also increasingly due to legislation. At KP Holland, sustainability is playing an ever more important role. As part of the horticulture sector, we notice this, among other things, due to the tightening of the energy saving obligation, an increase in ODE rates, CO2 tax and the elimination of exemptions. Public opinion is also becoming more important. In addition, KP Holland is aware of the importance of a greener world and their impact on it. Therefore, the company decided to start with footprinting with the Flori Footprint Tool in April 2023. John Vreugdenhil, Financial Director at KP Holland, shares their experience with the Flori Footprint Tool.

What is the role of sustainability at KP Holland?

KP Holland is a specialist in breeding, propagation, and production of distinctive plant varieties within Spathiphyllum, Curcuma, and Kalanchoë. With 7 locations and a propagation company in Uganda, sustainability is a key focus.

"We initially wanted to get a comprehensive view of all our products and our company footprint. Now, we can even calculate the impact of planned investments on our footprints."

John Vreugdenhil, Financial Director

How did KP Holland discover the Flori Footprint Tool?

"We wanted to start as quickly as possible and it's important for us to show our efforts." KP Holland explored various parties that could support them in footprinting. This search led them to the Flori Footprint Tool.

"We were attracted by the user-friendliness of the tool. It appeared simple, suitable for multiple locations and product groups, and we could customize it according to our needs."

How do you use the tool?

"We calculated the footprint of all our flowering plants. We can compare multiple years with each other. This has allowed us to visualize the impact of our flowering plants and take targeted steps towards sustainability. The next step will be calculating the footprint of our other products, such as young plants, tissues, and propagation materials."

The Flori Footprint Tool displays the impact across 16 impact categories. "We initially focus on the CO2 footprint, which provides a good overview. In the future, we intend to explore other impact categories as well."

How does the data collection occur?

KP Holland has the advantage of having access to a significant amount of (historical) data. "However, we do notice that it’s an extra challenge for our suppliers. Not all suppliers have the necessary data readily available. Now that we have collected all the data, it's simply a matter of entering and maintaining it."

What outcome is most valuable to you?

KP Holland primarily uses scenario calculations and evaluates past decisions. "Scenarios allow us to look back and forward. For instance, almost all our locations are connected to geothermal energy. With the Flori Footprint Tool, we see the CO2 emissions with and without geothermal energy. We saw a significant decrease in our footprint."

How do you use the tool for investments?

"Of course, we consider the financial return on investments, and with the tool, we can also calculate the impact on the footprint. In our decision-making processes, we can then consider not only the financial return but also the environmental impact of specific investments." Consequently, KP Holland has analyzed multiple investments, providing more and more insight on the environmental impact.

What are your future outlooks on footprinting?

KP Holland envisions a challenge in benchmarking. "This implies that other growers need to embrace footprinting as well, although not every grower is there yet. Nevertheless, it offers the opportunity to compare the footprint of our products with others."

Furthermore, the first parties that work with the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) have approached KP Holland. This initiative aligns company goals with the climate objectives of the Paris Agreement through Science Based Targets. "To meet these goals, we are increasingly asked to share our footprint. We're pleased that we can easily provide data on our product groups. Our customers have been pleasantly surprised that we've already embraced footprinting."

KP Holland is delighted to gain insight into their product footprint and be prepared for future measures or legislation. "We see the tool as a way to conduct future-oriented footprint calculations. We have a solid baseline and can strategically plan our sustainable steps. We are very enthusiastic about the Flori Footprint Tool, especially its user-friendliness and the ability to work with scenarios."

Are you also interested in the Flori Footprint Tool or would you like to receive more information? Contact us for a demo.

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