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In the Flori Footprint Tool, you can view and compare the footprint results of your cultivation process. For each of these components, you can see the results in 16 different impact categories, with CO2 being the most well-known. Do you want to share the environmental impact of your product with customers, suppliers, or stakeholders? It is now possible to generate a declaration for each product with just one click.

How does the Flori Footprint Tool work?

With the Flori Footprint Tool, you can easily calculate the impact of all your products. You also gain insight into various scenarios, such as plants cultivated in different locations or pot sizes. With this insight, you can take steps to make your production process more sustainable.

In the tool, you enter the data of your products in a straightforward way. This includes location-level data such as your electricity consumption, and product-level data like the cultivation schedule and the substrate you use. The tool calculates the environmental impact, providing you with insights into various impact categories, including water usage, acidification, but the most well-known is CO2 emissions.

Generating a product declaration

After entering your product data, you can generate a footprint declaration with just one click. The declaration is automatically downloaded as a PDF. You can use the declaration for your own purposes.

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Utilizing your product declaration

The declaration provides a summary of the footprint calculation of your product. This allows you to communicate environmentally related improvements and strive for more sustainable business activities.

You can use the declaration internally to provide insight into the environmental impact of your company's activities. You can also share the declaration with external parties. If your customers, suppliers, clients, or stakeholders inquire about your product footprint, you can quickly generate the declaration. You can also share your product footprint declaration in your Certifeye wallet. This way, you can choose who you share your footprint information with.

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