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Map the environmental impact of your entire supply chain


Chain Portal: Consolidates data for a complete calculation up to end-of-life

There are many choices to be made in the floriculture chain that influence the environmental impact of a flower or plant. This includes cultivation methods, packaging and distribution methods. The footprint is a sum of the impact throughout the entire floriculture chain. If you want to purchase sustainably, you also want to know what choices you can make. The Chain Portal helps you gain insight into the chain with as much primary data as possible and use this to make well-founded choices.

The Flori Footprint Tool Chain Portal is characterized by its user-friendliness, developed for and in collaboration with trading parties. The tool is valuable because it provides detailed insight into the often complex chains and can therefore improve the scope 3 analysis. Like the other portals of the Flori Footprint Tool, the Chain Portal is based on the FloriPEFCR, which means that you gain insight into 16 impact categories. This allows you to look beyond just the CO2footprint, as the CSRD also prescribes.

Chain Portal: licenses and features

With the Chain Portal you can easily map the footprint of your supply chain step by step. You further expand the product footprint from the moment you receive the footprint from the suppliers. You can very specifically expand the footprint of the products with your own added processes and wishes regarding the product. This way you are ready to answer your customers' questions.

The Chain Portal consists of a main license for your company with sublicenses for any subsidiaries.

On the main license you create a database with the footprint data of the products you want from suppliers. The supplier must give digital permission to share the data with you before you can include it in your database. The main license provides space for a database with 250 retrievable product lines as standard. Additional database capacity can be purchased. You can then use the requested products to create your own supply chains (scenarios) without any restrictions. 

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