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Calculate the environmental footprint of your floriculture products and location(s) independently


Calculate your environmental impact independently

You would like to know how to make the right choices that will have the greatest impact. A footprint calculation offers you a detailed insight that you can use to move forward. But how do you prevent this from becoming a cost-intensive and time-consuming job?

With the Flori Footprint Tool you can easily calculate the footprint of your location and floriculture products yourself. Independent from consultants and at your own pace. After the calculation you know exactly which component causes the greatest environmental impact. In addition, you gain insight into 16 different impact categories, including climate change (CO₂-emissions), water, toxicity and land use.

Functionalities and features of the Grower Portal

The Flori Footprint Tool is unique as it offers simplicity combined with extensive and rapid answers to all your footprint inquiries. 

With online access, you can independently calculate all your footprints using the Flori Footprint Tool. It not only provides insights into your location's environmental impact but also allows you to calculate the footprint of all your products, which may be even more relevant. After all, customers purchase your products, not your company.

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Flori Footprint Tool - Grower Portal

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