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The Flori Footprint Tool for exporters

The Flori Footprint Tool offers comprehensive insight into the environmental impact of locations, products and materials in a unique and user-friendly way. Each link in the floriculture chain has its own portal that offers the functionalities and properties that are relevant to them. Everything is compliant with the calculation rules as established in the draft of the FloriPEFCR.

This calculation standard helps growers make a complete life cycle analysis of their products. They use default values for exporters, retail, consumer and waste phase. However, a distinction can also be made between exporters in terms of environmental impact. In the FloriPEFCR, this section is purely about the impact of production activities. 

The Trader Portal of the Flori Footprint Tool has been developed to enable exporters to include their own footprint in product footprints. In addition to the calculation in line with the FloriPEFCR, the Trader Portal also offers the option to calculate the footprint at company level. 

Trader Portal: subscriptions

As an exporter, you want to calculate your footprint in various areas, so that you know where you can make a difference. The Trader Portal has been developed for this purpose. With the 'basic' subscription, the part that is part of the FloriPEFCR can be calculated. This subscription can be expanded with footprint calculations at company level for more insight. These functionalities are integrated in such a way that no data needs to be entered twice.

The FloriPEFCR discusses the impact per load carrier (for example, CCs, pallets, etc.). This is built up from insights into the production facility and the production location, such as m² use and number of movements. This data can then be processed at load carrier level. With this subscription you can easily compare and optimize production locations. 

User-friendly tooling for sustainable floriculture


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